From Your Mother’s Womb

From your mother's womb,
you have been loved.
You are a priceless treasure,
a masterful work of art,
a beautiful creation fashioned by the very hand of God.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made.
And among the billions and billions of people on earth,
your name is known.
The very hairs of your head are numbered.

You were worth the greatest sacrifice.
And you were loved unto the death.
Yes, even before you were knit together in your mother's womb, 
God had a plan for your life. 
And Jesus died on the cross and rose again to fulfill that plan.

Before the foundation of the world, 
God determined the time in which you would live 
and the bounds of your habitation.  
He created you with the hope that you would seek after Him. 

You were in His thoughts then.
And you are in His thoughts now.
God wants to have a relationship with you.
You are loved.


Scriptures for reflection: Psalm 8 and 139, John 3:16, Acts 17:26–27

©Text and photo Francee Strain, May 8, 2021