Immeasurably More

When you read the words of Ephesians 3:20, you will find an amazing concept about our amazing God.  In short, you will find that God is able to do “immeasurably more” than we can ask, think, or imagine.*

He is able to do this because of His power.

He does such things in us because of the power of Jesus at work in our lives.

Greatness comes into our lives when we allow God to come into our lives through the acceptance of His Son, Jesus, as our Savior.  Greatness in word, greatness in deed, greatness in endurance. Greatness that is immeasurable.

Life is hard, and so many times it is ugly, overwhelming, and painful.  But through all of this, in spite of all of this, there is immeasurably more.

There is immeasurable grace to cover our mistakes, failings, and shortcomings.  We are immeasurably forgiven by accepting the sacrifice of Jesus.  Our sins are buried in the deepest ocean and are as far as the east is from the west.  They are immeasurably forgotten as He remembers our sins no more.

There is immeasurable endurance to face any trial that comes our way.  We can get out of bed in the morning.  We can continue to put one foot in front of the other.  We can accomplish the things that are necessary to get through the day.  We can sleep peacefully through the night because He gives His beloved sleep.

There is immeasurable love that covers us, that sings over us, that draws us ever nearer to God.  His immeasurable love is patient, and it is kind.  It keeps no record of wrongs.  It endures all things, and it never fails.

There is immeasurable hope.  Even when we cannot see any way out of this or through this, even when we cannot understand what is happening and why it is happening, we can hope. Everything that takes place can be worked into something beautiful by His hand.  All things are not good, but He is able to work all things for good.  Not some things, not a few things, not many things–ALL THINGS.  Immeasurable hope.  Nothing is hopeless with Him in our lives–standing beside us, going before us, dwelling within us.

There is immeasurable peace.  Peace came to live with us and dwell among us in the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  He came to bring peace between us and God–peace in knowing that we will have eternal life if we place our trust and faith in Him and receive His forgiveness. Immeasurable peace.  Peace for now.  Peace for eternity.

There is immeasurable joy.  Through my tears I can see His beautiful face.  Through my pain I can see His mighty hand.  Through my unhappiness I can have a joy I have never known before because I know He has done immeasurable things for me.  He has given His very life for me.  He has given me salvation.  He is preparing a place for me in heaven.  He is never going to leave me or forsake me.  Ever.

Immeasurably more.  Immeasurably God.


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…is from the west.031


*I have utilized and paraphrased the words of two Bible versions in this opening paragraph.  The phrase “immeasurably more” and the words “ask” and “imagine” appear in the NIV.  The word “think” is taken from the KJV.

Copyright Francee Strain,  July 29, 2017, all rights reserved

Photos by Francee Strain