The Forefront

Another Easter holiday has passed, and we have moved on to the next thing, bypassing it on the calendar and moving toward tomorrow.  But did we focus on the significance of the day, the true meaning and the ramifications it has for our lives?  Has the day which was in the forefront of our minds and activities now become an afterthought?

Day after day passes by on the calendar as our lives, too, pass. Do we focus on the significance of each day and the ramifications for how we live it?  We only have this day to live—and really, only this moment.  At any moment our lives could end.  What do we have to show for them?  Have we lived well?  And most importantly, have we prepared for the eternity that is yet to be lived?  Our decisions today make all the difference, and the timing matters.  We cannot relive and redo the past, and we cannot guarantee we will even make it through the rest of this day.  Thus, there are important things to be considered.  Taking our days and our lives for granted can put us in a precarious situation where we have procrastinated about the most important decision that can ever be made: where we will spend eternity. What has become an afterthought needs to be brought to the forefront. 

I have been reflecting on a post I wrote in 2019 entitled “Three Crosses” in order to bring the afterthought of Easter back to the forefront of my mind.  I am posting it here for you to read and reflect upon as well.

There were three crosses, and upon each one an important decision was made.  On the cross in the middle hung Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  He willingly chose to offer up his life as a sacrifice to pay for our sins and give us an opportunity to spend eternity with Him.  On either side of Him hung a man who was facing the end of his life and was about to pass into eternity.  They each had time to make a choice.  One chose at that moment to reject who Jesus was and what was being offered to him—salvation and eternal life.  The other chose to believe and asked Jesus to save him.  To this man Jesus said, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise.”1 On which side of the cross will you stand?  What choice will you make while you have this moment of time?2


©Text and photo Francee Strain, April 11, 2021. 

1 Luke 23:43 taken from the New King James Version of the Holy Bible, © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.

2 “Three Crosses” text and photo originally posted by Francee Strain, April 19, 2019.

Moment by Moment

Life is made up of moments, a whole compilation of them—moment after moment after moment. And suddenly, they have made a lifetime, and a life has been made, whether it is long or short. A personality has been formed, a character developed, a reputation established.

Although each moment is different, something happens within each one that is the same: life happens, and choices are made. Will we choose to love, forgive, serve, and heal; or will we choose to hate, grow embittered, act selfishly, and wound? Will we choose self, or will we choose God? Will we live each moment in the flesh, or will we live in the Spirit? Will we walk independently, or will we cling to His hand? This is the time to decide, in this moment—once it passes, it cannot be changed; and we do not know how many moments will comprise our lifetimes.

Moments are gone in an instant, and so, too, can be our testimonies, reputations, credibility, and opportunities. Life itself can be gone in a moment, before we have a chance to change, improve, or make amends. Don’t wait another moment. Turn your moments into a beautiful legacy.

Choose this moment for Jesus.

Choose this moment for love.

Choose this moment for life.

This is your moment.



Francee Strain, April 23, 2018

Photo by Francee Strain