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Reader reviews for No Ordinary Invitation: Called to Live a Life of Eternal Purpose, Francee Strain 2017


Review #1

God truly spoke through Francee in this book!! Great reading and thought provoking.

-Kristina C.

Review #2

It’s a wonderful book. I’ve purchased some for my sisters and for my niece when she was going through breast cancer. Praise: God healed her.

-Shari S.

Review #3

Well worth time and money spent. Great read that really makes you step back and search your heart with where you are at in your walk with Christ.

Love this book. A great read for everyone. Wonderful book and great library resource. Would encourage all to take time and pick up a copy.

Well worth reading. Beautiful book!

-Sandra D.

Review #4

I chose to use Francee’s book for a summer session of our women’s Sunday Bible study class, and we all found it to be stimulating and real. The author’s life examples made us feel she was there with us, sharing and teaching. As a minister’s wife and mother, she can speak to everyday situations and apply the Bible appropriately. I recommend No Ordinary Invitation for personal study or for a group.

-Ruth D.

Review #5

What I love about Francee’s book is that it is like picking up the phone and hearing what your best friend would say to encourage you—your best friend who knows your Best Friend. In her writing, she captures the heart of Jesus who says, “Come to Me,” and then she tells you practically how to do that, using examples from her life as well as many references from the Bible. She demonstrates how to live a life loving God and shows His great heart to include us in His plans.

-Carla H.

Review #6

Francee has laid out for us what scripture has asked of every person everywhere—to come to Jesus. He offers salvation, peace, joy, and rest to all who will come.

It seems most of us are tired, worn out, and wondering if there is rest in sight. We long for the next time we can take a moment to get away from all of the stress. We long to sit and be refreshed, to move back from a world that says, “Work harder. Perform better. Do more.” In her book, No Ordinary Invitation: Called to Live a Life of Eternal Purpose, Francee says there is a place we can go to do this, and we don’t have to spend money to get there. Quietly, Jesus bids us to come and sit with Him, to listen, to pray, to read His Word; all of these things, yes, but He also longs just to be with us. He longs to hear our hearts; He longs to speak to us from His heart.

While we are still and waiting, something is birthed, something that cannot be seen at the time—something changes inside you and me.  In the coming, we will find peace and rest for our weary souls. Things of this world that once weighed us down will become lighter, and we’ll be unburdened. Then, the things we used to do that we thought were important will fade, and the things that He says are priority will supersede any of the former.

Accepting Francee’s invitation to join her on this journey will impact your world for eternity.  This book will inspire you to go on a personal journey of renewal and commitment.  I was challenged to the core (and you will be too) to ponder the question, “Does my life have a greater purpose than this?”  You will be inspired, empowered, encouraged, and changed as she answers the question!  What she discovered is an eye-opener for all of us!  You will clearly see what is important. You will hear what He has chosen for you to do. You will sense a peace inside that will compel you to take action.

Everything changes when our focus is on Him: eyes see clearly; and hearts, souls, and minds are healed. His still, small voice grows stronger. Our purposes become clear. Hunger and thirst for more of Him grows. The impossible becomes possible. Francee explains that He is more than enough to accomplish in and through us what He personally asks of us.

I love how Francee has spurred us on to stretch a bit, as she has on her personal journey to spend time with the King and has so marvelously demonstrated through these pages. I appreciated her honesty about her own life struggles and the lessons she learned while on a quest to find answers.  This book is certain to receive stellar ratings. It is meticulously researched and written to bring glory to the One who deserves all praise!

Come—the invitation is for you—right here, right now.

-Millicent Callant
Altar Ministry
Frisco, Texas

Review #7

If you’re an inquirer into what Christianity is, you’ll find answers here. If you’re a Christian but thinking about leaving God, this book’s for you. If you’re a strong Christian, you’ll find thoughts to strengthen your love for Jesus, too.

Francee deals with Jesus’s invitation to us and all it can mean to us. It’s not about health and wealth, though that may be His plan for us. Rather, it’s all about the incredible love God—the Creator of everything—has for each person who will accept it.

-Carole Griffitts
Navigating the Storms: Thriving in the Midst of Invisible Difficulties

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