Our Season to Bloom

Tulips and trees are blooming this week, and I have been reflecting on the concept in a spiritual sense. Their beauty is bursting forth after a long and challenging winter season—which still tries to linger in chilly overnight temperatures. In my previous article, I wrote about long seasons—times of trial, hardship, pain, and weariness—and encouraged us to fulfill our purposes in those seasons.1 Some friends have encouraged me to bloom and use the gifts God has given me despite the naysayers. The words of scripture have encouraged me to press on to accomplish the purpose for which Christ has laid hold of me. And the recent Eastertime reflection on Jesus’s life, death, and resurrection—the love He poured out; the agony, injustice, and desertion He suffered; and His triumphant resurrection—are an inspiration and motivation to me to finish, and finish well.

The following is an article I posted about a year ago.2 I invite you to read it, even if you read it a year ago. The message is still relevant, and the encouragement is needed in these difficult days. We are here for such a time as this. This is our season to bloom.

A Season to Bloom

It is our season to bloom. Not because it is spring, and not because the flowers are blooming, but because we are to bloom in every season of life for our entire lives. We do not know how long our season will be. We do not know the number of our days. But we can know the things to do to cause life to bloom or wither. We can grow up into Christ and shine forth, or we can shrink back and shrivel. We can showcase the beauty God has instilled in us, or we can hide it from the world.

Life is not a perfect garden. Things are often difficult and thorny, the ground dry and rocky; yet, we can let our roots go deep. We can hold on to Him through the storms, the howling wind, the driving rain, the pounding hail, and the periods of drought. We can keep pressing on until the harvest. And when that time comes, we will have produced fruit. We can be representative of how to survive and thrive, if we abide in the Vine.1 We can bloom when and where we are planted through the strength and the power of God. We can then show the beauty of the finished product and what the world has been needing.  

God has us here for this moment. And even in difficult times, we can have peace and share peace because Jesus gives peace. And when it is all said and done, He can bring a glorious harvest from our lives. So, bloom where you are planted, whether it is in the aisle of a grocery store or the waiting room of a clinic, the deck of a cruise ship or the sand of a beach, the street corner of a bustling city or the counter of a country café; and do it whether you are there for hours, days, weeks, or years. Every moment of life, every location, is an opportunity to bloom with beauty and spread the fragrance of Christ.2

He has an ultimate purpose for our lives, and every day and every decision moves us either toward that purpose or away from it. What about when it’s difficult, when we are tired, upset, and everything is going wrong? Yes, even then. At all times, and everywhere we go, we are to represent Him. He is worthy of our praise, at all times and in all circumstances. So, when the ground is rocky, grow. When the land is parched, flourish. When the sun doesn’t shine, reflect His Light. When this isn’t what you signed up for, complete the mission. When no one is kind or loving, you be the one to rise to the occasion. Are we perfect? Not even close. But we can always strive to do our best. He gave His life for us. Can we, with gratitude, give ours in return? Can we make His name known, shine His light, show His love, and bring Him glory? Yes. Every season is a season to bloom.


1 Francee Strain, “A Long Season,” Come Unto Me Ministries, April 24, 2023, accessed April 29, 2023, https://wordpress.com/post/franceestrain.com/5256.

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© Text and photo Francee Strain, April 29, 2023


1 See John 15:1–8.

2 See 2 Corinthians 2:14–17.

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