Sincerely Yours

Sincerely YoursApril 23, 2019

“Sincerely yours.” That is how I would close this letter. I think Jesus would close it with “Love you always.”

Words matter. My words matter. Your words matter. His words matter.

The words of a letter inform, create a mood, give details, share life, show happenings, and show the direction of progress.

A letter has a date, a greeting, a body, a closing, and a signature.

This letter was dated almost 2,000 years ago, yet its application is timeless and eternal. *

It is addressed to whosoever. It informs all people that love and eternal life are available, and it gives instructions on how to grab hold of them.

It recounts that almost 2,000 years ago, the purest, most intense act of love there ever was—or ever will be—was evidenced for the world to see. And the evidence remains—to be seen in this letter of love, straight to you from God Himself.

This is not a bill; this is a letter, communicating the greatest expression of love. If anything, this letter tells you that your bill has been paid in full. Not written in ink, but penned with love.

Your direction of progress can be decided and settled because His direction took Him to the cross to be a perfect sacrifice for you.

Will you stuff this letter back into the envelope and toss it from you? Or will you open it and reread it, committing it to memory? Will you hold it dear to your heart and treasure it always? Will you grab hold of the body of the letter and claim the closing as your own?

This letter is sincerely yours. And Jesus loves YOU, always.

Sincerely yours,

Francee Strain

*see John 3:16

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