“The Heart of Wholeness”


My heart can be whole even when it is broken.

There is a supernatural thread to hold it together. An unbreakable thread to bind it.

Anything that tries to get through to me has to get through Him first.


When life tries to break me, I remain whole.

Whole is healthy, not unhurt.

Whole is strong, not untrembling.

Whole is real, not the absence of reality.

The impossibility becomes possible.


God knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thus, even when I am stretched to the breaking point, I won’t break. He is the Master weaver.

The things that try to chain me, break me, burn me, trample me, shake me, prevent me, and destroy me are nothing compared to the skill with which He has formed me.

Even the well-intentioned, uninformed, uninterested, self-serving, bitter, mean, and evil people that surround me most closely and directly cannot cut the ties that bind my heart to His.

He is the Master of my destiny, of my heart, of my very soul.


Even when I fall down flat, I can lean on Him.

Even when I am at the bottom, I can rise to the top.

Even when I am heavy with pain, my burden can be lightened.


In danger, I am sheltered.

In damage, I am restored.

In dire consequences, I am relieved.

In my sin-sick state, I am redeemed.

Even when things do not or cannot change, I can.

The heart of wholeness comes in giving Him my whole heart, even when it is not whole.


Though this it is, through this it is.

True it is.

He is.

And I am truly His.

This is the heart of wholeness.



Francee Strain, June 1, 2018

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